The ultimate risk is not taking a risk (Gunilla von Platen)

Sinfonic is a professional consultancy firm with European dimension specialised on innovation and assigned to actively engage with R&D and innovation networks. At the centre is an approach towards systematic innovation and the latest developments in the ICT, electronics, transport, energy and e-health sectors. The key objective is to contribute to develop and deliver premium services to clients.

Are you concerned by these questions?

  • Are my ideas innovative? Do I understand the market and the state-of the-art well?
  • Which ideas shall I develop into a project and why?
  • How shall I act upon the selected project and with whom?

The service is based on the application of a methodology:

  • compose a lean business plan
  • search scientific results, patents
  • measure relevant markets’ data
  • innovation plan and search for financing and for partners
  • identify high-market potential and USPs
  • analyse the innovation project’s proposed solution and core competencies
  • search for key metrics and market channels
  • advise in written business communication

You at last can get the following concrete deliverables

  • An analysis of the state of art, relevant patents (freedom to operate) and the relevant market
  • A possible concept for innovation actions with adaptation to the given innovation
  • A novelty check (already available technologies) of the innovative product and its market potential (quantitative & qualitative) together with the definition of core competences to be sustained
  • A report providing information on relevant communications

The name, Sinfonic, stands for synergy, innovation and harmony.